We are an ambitious bunch. Scientists and storytellers, inventors and analysts, technologists, tinkerers, bushwhackers, and big thinkers. We make maps and software apps, manage forests and investment funds, connect local farmers and fishermen with local eaters. And we convene communities around ideas that matter. Learn more about our team here, and find opportunities to work with us.

Tiffany Austin

Grants Assistant

About Tiffany

Deutschland-raised. Chesapeake Bay-nurtured. Enamored of the multifaceted cultures and geographies of the world, with a heart’s beat that found its rhythm most in sync with the Pacific Northwest’s. An aquaphile, herbalist, and avid dragonfly-spectator. Delights in the harvest of fallen moondrops, and loves the wild in people, cities, and woods alike.

Tess Baker

Event Logistics Coordinator

About Tess

Inspired by new surroundings. Big fan of good food, family, red wine, and shaggy dogs. Can be found in the kitchen, in the trees, or on the pitch.

Sam Beebe

Adventure Capital, Communications

About Sam

My work is to tell the story of Ecotrust. I also bat for PDX Contemporary Art, Orlo, SkateOregon, and Salmon Nation. @sbeebe on many channels.

Jon Bonkoski

GIS Director

About Jon

Map maker working to better understand the intersection of economy, environment, and equity. Committed bike commuter. Husband and father. Sports fan. I like good food, too.

Oakley Brooks

Senior Media Manager

About Oakley

Writer. Connecting media and our peeps. World traveler. Open water swimmer and estuary paddler. Bicoastal background — Boston born, SoCal bred. Love stalking kingfishers and sighting whales with our munchkin. First stop in time travel: Columbia to the sea with Lewis and Clark.

Catriona Buhayar

Director of Knowledge Management

About Catriona

Nothing’s better than facilitating connections and ideas through technology! A perfect day: organizing my books, editing a wiki page, cataloging a photo, helping someone set up a system that works for them.

Kate Carone

WWRI & Special Projects Manager

About Kate

Helping communities restore their home streams for salmon and people. Native plant aficionado, bike enthusiast, tree advocate, urban explorer, and amateur historian on the side.

Sarah Cline

Design Director

About Sarah

Lover of screen printing, transparency, repetition, gift economies, cats, fluorescent ink, cooperative ownership, collective management, foraging, Negri & Hardt, sharing meals, in-between spaces, print publications, and the right to useful unemployment (thank you Ivan Illich). Valley girl.

Brent Davies

Vice President, Forests and Ecosystem Services

About Brent

User and dreamer of 21st-century technology to help communities restore and protect forests and green the built environment. Used to raise butterflies. Now raises kids.

David Diaz

Forestry Program Manager

About David

Data nerd and ecosystem science translator. Sustainable forestry fortuneteller. Addicted to trail running, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and home-brewing beer.

Melia Donovan

Staff Accountant

About Melia

4th-level Excel spreadsheet wizard. HR ninja. Committed bike commuter. Decidedly anti-grain.

A’Nova Ettien

Special Projects & Development Manager

About A'Nova

Provider of soups-to-nuts grant support for all Ecotrust programs. Volunteer doula, third-generation knitter, and defender of the Oxford comma.

Laura Ford

Communications Program Manager

About Laura

Story producer. Editor of Edible Portland. Breastfeeding rights advocate. Lover of dark beer, riverside hikes, vegan food, summertime in South Dakota, and Turkish tea.

Angela Hedstrom

Farm to School Assistant

About Angela

Teacher-learner connecting classrooms, cafeterias, and communities. Enjoys alliteration, writing letters, the color of chicory flowers, and picnics.

Ryan Hodges

Applications Developer

About Ryan

Little-known creature with unverified sightings in the Pacific Northwest and India. Likes to help people and places with code, music, and cheer.

Chris Jones

Systems Administrator

About Chris

Once upon a time everyone who received computer games for Christmas were forced to be IT guys the next day to play them. Chris turned that misspent youth of editing config.sys and autoexec.bat files into the IT professional you have today. He still has a soft spot for extended memory.

Nathan Kadish

Director of Investment Strategy

About Nathan

Adventure Capitalist. Hugs trees and dances with rivers. Loves his son’s laugh, Oregon berries, and warm slippers after taking off boots.

Jeanne Kubal

Director of Events

About Jeanne

Event wrangler. Planner of experiences that engage communities to learn, eat, listen, drink, and be merry. Inspired by growing green plants, hiking the Cascades in every season, and exploring new corners of the Pacific Northwest.

Adam Lane

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

About Adam

Hybrid business explorer. Parent. Woodworker. Bartender.

Nick Lyman

GIS Analyst

About Nick

Geographer. I collect data, analyze data, and make maps. Native Montanan who thrives in the great outdoors, loves travel, adventure, and a little chaos. You might find me mountain biking, skiing, road tripping, or drinking a large cup of strong coffee somewhere between here and there.

Megan Mackey

Policy Associate

About Megan

Expanding opportunities for conservation and community stewardship of natural resources. Accumulator of frequent flyer miles. Jellybean connoisseur.

Amiana McEwen

Event Coordinator

About Amiana

Coordinates events. Biologist at heart. Lover of outdoor adventures. Put me in water with a snorkel and fins, and I’m as happy as a clam!

Mike Mertens

Director of Spatial Analysis

About Mike

Father, runner, bike commuter, committed to helping others use maps, data, science, and tools to make our world a better place.

Joel Miller

Building Manager

About Joel

Building manager and chief engineer for Natural Capital Center. Woodworker, musician, born Oregonian. Advocate for Salmon Nation, clean oceans, and peace.

Will Moore


About Will

Father, musician, secret admirer, unicorn whisperer and builder of things you click on (like this website).

Introduced a clan of Mormons to the forbidden knowledge of how to play the opening keyboard line of Enola Gay.

Jim Norton

Adventure Capitalist

About Jim

Strategic investor, grateful digester; conscious wanderer, conscientious wonderer; writer, river guide, naturalist, aspiring surfer; likes well-managed risk, critters great and small, faraway lightning, and imagining that we might maintain the richness of the world while actually living in it.

Amanda Oborne

Vice President, Food & Farms

About Amanda

Conscientious eater, for-profit/for-purpose optimist, straight-talker, enthusiastic collaborator, artisan beverage imbiber.

Katy Pelissier

Food & Farms Coordinator

About Katy

Matchmaking children and vegetables since 2010. Oregonian through-and-through; the people, land, and food here can’t be beat. Happiest in a tent, on a bike, or at the coast.

Alice Price

Financial Analyst

About Alice

Nurturer of numbers. Lover of nature, hiking, snowflakes, and traveling.

Jen Richards

Development Coordinator / Edible Portland Subscription Manager

About Jen

Data manager for all things development and Edible Portland. Quiet observer. Strong advocate. Obsessed with airplanes. Dreams of living in a tiny house, in the forest, by a river with a rescued foxhound.

Katie Russell

Development Manager

About Katie

Fundraiser. Book lover. Favorite meal is a hotdog at the ballpark. Believes in the healing power of a good road trip.

Jocelyn Tutak

Senior GIS Analyst

About Jocelyn

Map maker and pattern finder. Twitter champion. Sci/tech-to-English translator.  Travels by bike, hiking boots, or knife & fork.

Lauren Ward

Event and Sales Coordinator

About Lauren

Creative and idealistic planner of things. Easy-going perfectionist. Breakfast connoisseur. Dreamscape: Norwegian fjords, acoustic tunes, Oregon IPA.