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1,000,000 for local food in school lunches

In 2005, Ecotrust set our sights on improving lunch in one public school here in Portland. Today, because of our work, more than 150,000 kids across Oregon are eating not just locally grown fruits and vegetables, but things like Oregon pink shrimp, local tortillas, and fresh-made salsa — a boon to local farmers and producers. And our advocacy efforts propelled the Oregon State Legislature to designate more than $1 million for local food in school lunches.

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800 miles of streams restored & opened up

Since 2007, Ecotrust has coordinated the investment of $19 million in 130 habitat restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest. Rather than spreading resources thinly across a huge geography, we target areas with high ecological value and strong community support. This approach ensures maximum, measurable impact on the landscapes and the economies of our rural communities.

Illustration of a tablet computer on the front of a boatEcotrust is putting smart tech in the hands of fishermen across the globe, enabling better seafood traceability from boat to table, and better fisheries management for the long term. And we are working with fishing communities on the ground to implement practices that improve both ocean health and their own livelihoods.